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Someone Had Better Figure this Out | May 3, 2016

Sean Hannity made a pretty good point about a general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Clinton comes out of the convention with 47% of voters choosing her. Donald Trump has to fight for that sliver of persuadable voters. He has to win more of that sliver if Republicans stay home.

When you get down to it, Donald Trump’s base is the Tea Party. This goes back to the Sarah Palin endorsement. The Tea Party is made up of a small number of Democrats who were done with the party after Obama, Republicans who had no quarter with the establishment and people who were mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore, to paraphrase “Network.” The Tea Party found the weaknesses in the Democrats’ election strategy. They are geared toward national races and long coattails. As a national group, the Tea Party made every Congressional race local.

2010 had a lot of races where the GOP was playing it safe with moderate and liberal candidates. Many of them lost to the Tea Party in the primaries, much like Trump is beating real Republicans right now. The Tea Party also had some notable losses because the party (and Republican voters) fought back. They had virtually no effect on the 2012 race and Obama made his way back into office.

The Tea Party is back, and they’re hoping to force Trump on the GOP. They tried the same thing with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and now the Tea Party people hate both of them. Trump will never be enough. He already supports some kind of single payer health care.

For me, I feel just as miserable today as when Romney’s chances started slipping away in 2012. I’ve expressed my disdain the only way I know how, with zero support for a Trump candidacy. It only makes me less likely to vote for him when Trumpsters try to blackmail me into voting for Trump by threatening a Hillary Clinton presidency. I’ll tell you something. Under Barack Obama, manufacturing came back to the US for my company. Under a Trump presidency, it sounds like my company will lose the business in China we have because he wants to start a trade war. Or maybe Trump is lying. In that case, I might as well support Ted Cruz.

But the campaign can go all Obama 2008 and tell me they don’t need my stinking vote and he will win anyway. Okay, then. My vote wouldn’t win him New York anyway. I think it’s more realistic that the Trump campaign has to figure out how to smooth things over with Republicans who got beat up by Trump trashing everything we stand for.


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