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Now That I Shot You, Stop Fighting Back | April 28, 2016

For about a month now, Trump supporters have been demanding that Ted Cruz drop out of the race for the good of the party. Somehow, after being called a loser since about February, Trump devotees want to bestow some loser prize upon Cruz that will somehow redeem him. Of course, their ilk has already been calling him creepy, a liar, a lousy person, an illegal alien, an adulterer and a cheater. I guess they take it all back if Cruz concedes, which would make them a bunch of lying, cheating creeps.

Donald Trump has run a pretty effective mean girl campaign. Mean Girls are the catch all term for teenage girls who badmouth other people, then turn around and offer friendship in a sort of “keep you enemies closer” fashion. Trump has insulted most of the other candidates for their looks, personal quirks and various rumors, and on rare occasion, for their political stances. That’s okay, though. You can be in the clique once you sacrifice your dignity to Trump. Look how happy Chris Christie is.

Trump has built an empire on gambling and human misfortune and he’s built a political empire out of burning bridges with whole swaths of the Republican base. If Ted Cruz has the money to run a scorched earth campaign to keep Donald Trump below 1237 delegates, I’m all for it. Are Trump supporters right that the GOP might still screw Cruz out of the nomination if Cruz does stop Trump? Maybe they are, but Cruz isn’t getting a better deal if he kneels before Zod.


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