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Everybody Loves a Winner

April 26, 2016
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With about 10 states left to go, Donald Trump has finally started getting the kinds of numbers that one would expect from a front runner in primary race. He’s been able to run a pretty Obama-ish campaign on Republicans to convince people that they are the key to his success and not the free media attention or his overall ability to get things on the cheap in this campaign.

All the calls for Cruz or Kasich to drop out will probably be unnecessary. Trump is rolling on the bandwagon effect. Instead of Trump opponents being motivated to try stopping him, the real motivation is for people to get behind a winner like Trump. It seems pretty accurate to argue that he was right about the Republicans not having the courage to fight. The rules committee could find any number of reasons to de-certify Trump at the convention, but they probably won’t.

One thing is sure. Donald Trump is the man to love if you hate Republicans. Trump has served up a nonstop buffet of reasons why the GOP sucks and wants to disenfranchise voters. He thinks George Bush was a bad president and gives lip service to Ronald Reagan so far as he can compare himself to Reagan.

The reason why parties with no chance of losing can still lose elections is because every doofus comes out of the woodwork to be the other guy in the race. Maybe I should vote for Hillary Clinton. She’s going to have the bandwagon in six months.


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