Days of Change

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

April 25, 2016

The major problem the Republican Party had this year was assuming they could starve out undesirable candidates financially. Real conservatives were left with Ted Cruz shortly after the first primary. Rubio and Kasich should have gotten out after March 1 if they really wanted to keep Donald Trump out of the running. To this day, Rubio has more delegates than John Kasich.

I don’t make much out of the “deal” between Kasich and Cruz to stop Trump. Obviously, if you are in third place a few days out, (unless you’re John Kasich) you don’t devote money to that race. Cruz has been doing that all along. In fact, Trump has had his delegate lunch eaten a number of times due to not understanding how unbound delegates work. Kasich is only barely grasping the idea he has no mathematical path to the nomination just as Ted Cruz is almost in the same boat.

My opinion is that Cruz might as well stay in until June 7 since Donald Trump is in real danger of not reaching 1237 delegates. This could have been a lot cleaner had Kasich just dropped out in time for Cruz to be the only non-Trump choice. Now, the GOP has to decide if they are going to follow the 2008 Democrats and create rules that will invalidate enough of Trump’s bound delegates to lose the nomination. Then all hell breaks loose.


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