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The New York Election That Counts | April 18, 2016

I understand how trendy it is to talk about direct democracy and disenfranchisement, but this really is a concept generated by the fact that Donald Trump couldn’t win certain states with 35% of the vote. Ted Cruz captured delegates in smaller states without a standard caucus or primary because loyalty counts and knowing your party is important in choosing your party’s standard bearer.

Now, if you don’t like Republicans but enjoy Trump’s hostile takeover, remember this. The Electoral College disenfranchises many voters in winner-take-all states where the vote is close. In New York, maybe 40% of people never get their preference. Unlike each party’s nomination process, this is something right out of the Constitution. Whatever you think about that system, it managed to keep the US from the universal socialism many other countries with more direct democracy live with now.

What I know is that I have some say in who gets delegates tomorrow. Of course, it’s either Trump or Kasich in New York’s case. I know for sure that New York is going for Hillary Clinton in the general election. It’s going to be a stretch for Trump to get over 50% even from Republicans.

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