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The Kasich Contingency | April 15, 2016

This weeks, it seems there are two lessons in New York. One is that NY is not a winner-take-all state. The other lesson is that John Kasich is more popular than Ted Cruz. This leads to an interesting idea. In the 30 or so districts of New York, if Trump gets less than 50% and Kasich gets more than 20%, Kasich can win 1 out of 3 delegates. In a tight race, Trump could fall below 1237 just by losing a handful of New York delegates.

Cruz and Cruz PACs are running ads, but Cruz himself has moved on to California. He’s not likely to win any delegates. His job is only to soften Trump’s support enough for Kasich to snatch delegates from Trump. It’s kind of like Trump pitting his competitors against each other to keep their delegate counts down. Except when Trump does it, he is righteously with the angels, or something.

It’s just too bad Kasich has no chance of winning. He gave a good speech countering Trump’s doom and gloom upstate message the other day.


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  1. Cold be tat Kasich is th GOP old boyz joker in the hole.

    Comment by Mary — April 16, 2016 @ 12:54 am

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