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Trump and Loathing | April 10, 2016

Some Trump supporters are aghast that liberal media like The Boston Globe decided to trade their journalistic credentials for petty satisfaction. The Globe, of course, created a fake front page about Donald Trump as president and how there would be a trade war with China and a mass deportation of Mexican-Americans.

I’m actually a little surprised the paper would do this at all. I’ve been writing for most of the time that Donald Trump has a ceiling and that he is the least popular opponent against Hillary. Trump’s lack of a vote over 50% in any state (maybe not even New York) and his horrible numbers with women would seem to indicate liberals would love for him to be the nominee.

I have to think the media is drinking its own Kool-Aid. They discounted Trump, and he exceeded their expectations. He’s behind Hillary Clinton, but that may not be the case for long. Then again, it’s not about Donald Trump. They hate Ted Cruz, too.


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  1. The liberal media, Obama’s boot-lickers for 8 years, are like other libtards: they haven’t heard an America-first voice in so long, they’re scared to death of it. What! A President who loves America! He must be up to no-good, beginning with economic recovery.

    Comment by Mary — April 10, 2016 @ 11:38 pm

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