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Bad Apple | March 23, 2016

When Trump supporters talk about “the system,” they could be talking about soemthing like this.

One of the San Bernardino shooters had an iPhone 5C that had not backed up t the cloud weeks before the attacks. The government wanted to get into the hardware and Apple thought the method would make the phone vulnerable to others. The government made this information public and so did Apple in their response regarding security to their customers.

Most people (especially with iPhones) supported Apple since it seemed that the feds wanted a pass key into any phone instead of the data from one phone. This week, another entity (hackers?) notified the government they had a way to get into that phone and that also became public.

So, now we have a government that may have the key they wanted, a phone company with the credibility of defending personal liberty and regular citizens who may be subject to another NSA-style round of data mining. Plus, the government made sure to stick it to Apple by implying that their phones are not as secure as advertised.

Everyone wins, except for most of us.


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  1. Everyone wins, except for most of us.

    I’m shocked, Rick, shocked.

    Comment by Mary — March 24, 2016 @ 3:56 am

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