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The Party That Blew Up | March 13, 2016

There are three candidate types left in the Republican race. There’s the conservative, the independent and the establishment. Right now, two guys are filling the latter role. Even if Marco Rubio loses Florida and John Kasich wins Ohio, Rubio will still hold a lead in delegates. Combined, they could not beat Ted Cruz, let alone Donald Trump.

With three other choices, Trump could win over 2/3 of the delegates Tuesday with a little over 1/3 of the popular vote. This is a perfect storm in many ways. The Republican Party has two candidates they don’t like and two others the voters don’t like. One candidate is rich and frugal and big donors have been frozen trying to decide where their money should go. Add to that a primary system designed since 2012 to end the contest quickly for the candidate who can get a plurality by April.

I’ve written before about my disdain for people who don’t engage in the political process then take umbrage when a party they sort of agree with doesn’t want what they want. If the people who voted for Tea Party candidates in 2010 or even Republicans in 2014 had put in some effort in 2012, we wouldn’t be in the crisis we are now.

The system is the problem, not this year’s slate of candidates. Even if Donald Trump wins, he only gets two terms. What does he do in 8 years by Executive order? How much can be undone in just a few months with another Democrat after he leaves? America had a country that followed the Constitution in 1800. People slowly gave up on it for convenience and lies. I don’t see a reversal that’s as easy as hiring one guy to fix it.


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  1. My only hope – and it’s a faint one – is that a president DJT could shame Congress into finally doing their job……….again.  If they worked for the nation half as hard as they work on their personal futures and finances, we’d be OK.  But they don’t.  Shame, shame.


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