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Stupid Tuesday

February 29, 2016
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My boss is an idiot.

Now, he’s learning from his boss, who’s also an idiot. Still, I’ve only had this manager for a year or so and he can’t handle the most simple aspects of his job. I’ve tried to steer him into positions where he can improve, but his can-do attitude also seems to come with an “I know everything I need to know” lack of curiosity. So, I’ve had it. I can enjoy a lot more free time by doing my duties rather than solving problems. There’s lots of TV shows on my hard drive I can bring to work. My rotting corpse of a company will drag on for years while I continue to get a decent paycheck. I’ve even been encouraged to do overtime.

So, if anyone reads my blog and doesn’t think I “get it” regarding Donald Trump, they may not have read the previous 6 years. The Republican Party has been trying to build a future realignment strategy for so long it forgot how to win elections now. When the party was decimated in 2008, the Tea Party tried to breathe life into the Republican brand. The GOP sat back and let the Democrats stop the Tea Party groups from raising any money. Any gains made in 2014 were because conservatives had nowhere else to go.

The only outlet under those circumstances is a rogue candidate who isn’t hampered by financial concerns. That’s Donald Trump. Better yet, he has the exclusive ownership of hard lines on national security and immigration because the other candidates’ donors won’t donate if they take the same stands. If you can’t change the direction of a stupid party, then animate the rotting corpse in a new direction.

Is that close? That’s about how I feel. My problem, however, is that while I don’t give a crap about my job, I can leave if I want to. I’m not sure what happens when someone is elected because he had the right megaphone. If this were just about Tea Party principles, Sarah Palin would be running for reelection. For every smart, clear-eyed Trump supporter, there’s another one who responds to the alpha dog and and his grandiose proclamations. Maybe if I didn’t dislike Trump on a visceral level, I would enjoy that kind of preference cascade. This time, I just don’t.


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