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It’s Still Paranoia If They’re Out to Get You

February 28, 2016
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I was never a Hillary supporter (or Edwards, or one of those other Democrats in 2008). I heard a lot about the purges going on during the nomination contests when the blogs started to go for Obama and some of the posters were unconvinced. I have to say that I am not being purged or banned from anywhere by Trump supporters. They are generally willing to put up with my crap, even if they don’t agree. I doubt very much I will change my mind since Donald Trump is insufficiently qualified for reasons that can’t be resolved in 8 months.

At the same time, I am seeing a lot of glossing over Trump’s inconsistencies. When he says he can make a deal or negotiate something because he’s the best at it, I am reminded of John Kerry’s vague promises that he had special negotiating abilities that could get the US out of the War on Terror. When people talk about Trump’s business experience making political experience unnecessary, I think of Obama flacks claiming that running a campaign was sufficient experience for Obama to be president.

The one effect of poking at people over Trump is that some admit they don’t like this or that about him, but he’s doing something different. That’s something I understand. I didn’t like things about Mitt Romney, but I could certainly get behind him for president. I’m more concerned about the people who are indifferent or dismissive of his problems. On another blog, someone claimed that the Trump University trial was only civil. Maybe, but it’s a civil trial for tens of millions of dollars.

Now Trump is the front runner. Now that he can beat Hillary in a poll, I think I’m done with the conspiracy theories about how people are out to get Trump. I guess I’m part of this “conspiracy” because I want Trump out as well. If people don’t want the GOP but they want Trump, they’re looking for a benevolent dictator. I’d prefer messy gridlock.


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