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Did They Have a Political Science Department?

February 27, 2016
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It turns out that Marco Rubio was waiting for Donald Trump to take out Jeb Bush before he really took the fight to Trump himself. He’s brought up Trump’s hiring of illegal immigrants, his notoriously uneven orange pallor and now a venture formerly known as Trump University (now┬áThe Trump Entrepreneur Initiative).

Trump University is a series of paid instructions in the world of business set up in New York State. In hindsight, this was probably a bad idea since New York regulates everything. The state has determined that it is not a university or even a school. The name “Trump University” has since been changed to an “Initiative” which is a meaningless term in the world of instruction.

Aside from all the other problems, this business is currently part of a trial. If Trump hasn’t won the nomination by May, he will have to take a few days off to testify at the trial to determine what damages the state will require from this venture.


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