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Sometimes the Enemy of My Enemy is Still My Enemy

February 25, 2016

Back in the heyday of the Hillbuzz blog, Kevin Dujan used to write about Sarah Palin living rent-free in people’s heads and throwing ninja stars because she wouldn’t back down from a fight and didn’t follow the rules of decorum that the chattering class was supposed to. As much as I liked the things Sarah Palin said, if she were not a governor, I wouldn’t vote for her as a presidential candidate.

Ronald Reagan was a prominent Republican going back to 1952. He actually ran for president in 1968 when he was less than 2 years into his term as governor of California. He represented a new kind of Republican not seen since the days of Calvin Coolidge. However, he had to wait until 1980, probably 4 years later than the GOP should have chosen him.

I see Donald Trump as not having the important trait the people I just mentioned had, actual political experience. Anyone can have the purity of untested opinions. For a job like president, I want to have a measure of the person before I vote for them. For all the bad points of people like Marco Rubio and Barack Obama in 2008, they both had more experience than Donald Trump. Trump can say all the words he wants, and they can sound like the answer to everything. However, you can’t be a one-man government in this country. Obama had a lot of support from Democrats for 6 years and the complacency of Republicans for another 2 years to implement his ideas. When I compare Trump to Obama, I refer to the fact that words are easy and action in an existing government is an entirely different matter.

I also understand the siege mentality of being a Trump supporter. I feel it myself with someone like Ted Cruz. I didn’t support him initially, but when Trump attacks his “natural born” status, it makes me want to support Cruz. For that reason, I know how powerful it is to defend Trump against the media who criticize him, whether it be left-wing rags or Fox News. For me, however, one group is full of crap and the other has valid arguments. They say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but sometimes both of them are enemies, just for different reasons.

By the same token, I see a lot of people find my criticism of Trump (and my outright disdain) to be a personal attack against Trump supporters. That is a place I have to draw a line. Identify with Trump all you want, but if I call him a shaved ape who’s mooched off his family or the government every day of his life in some way or another, I’m not insulting the people who vote for him.


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