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February 23, 2016
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By most indications, Donald Trump will win the Nevada Caucuses later tonight with his highest percentage of the vote yet. Like South Carolina, Nevada is in the bottom third of people with advanced or college degrees, a group that Trump does best with. It also shows that he can pull large numbers in what is now a 3-4 man race.

Indifference 2016 is less about Donald Trump than the fact that the GOP has not had their shit together for decades. You have to go back to William Howard Taft to find a nominee who wasn’t fought by the party establishment who actually won the general election. He was the first nominee based on primaries (in the 4 states that held them).

This year is particularly bad because it is the culmination of 6 years of the people giving the Republican Party what they needed to stop the Obama administration and their refusal to use that power. With the exception of people like Ted Cruz, the Senate (and sometimes the House) has avoided a fight because it might make them look bad. Now, Donald Trump is making them look bad by proving they are bad.

Tactically, the party should have gotten behind Ted Cruz instead of actively fighting him. Now he’s damaged and is unlikely to beat Trump without unforeseen intervention. Even though there’s a lot of excitement toward Trump, his nomination has a high chance of the Democrats winning the general election. Already, Michael Bloomberg is looking at running as third party candidate. He would take away many of those Trump Democrat votes helping him in open primaries.

The political landscape is littered with the bodies of politicians who thought they were certain to win. Donald Trump may think he has the magic recipe, but so has every other loser.


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