Days of Change

Whipping Cruz

February 21, 2016

One candidate had three separate candidates attack him for the last two weeks and he’s still in a dead heat for second place. That’s Ted Cruz.

Let’s go back to the GOP debate where Cruz mentioned that Marco Rubio went on Spanish-language TV to water down his stance on immigration. Rubio’s only response was to question Cruz’s grasp of Espanol, which was good enough for a snappy comeback. That set up the battle for second place.

Then there’s Ben Carson who has stretched his vanity campaign to the point of absurdity. Once again, he is complaining about the motives of tweets about him dropping out during the Iowa caucuses. Well, Carson should drop out. He’s not running a real campaign and the voters supporting Carson are picking a guy who will not win anything close to a nomination.

Let’s not forget Donald Trump. He’s called Cruz a liar on behalf of Carson, because he criticizes Trump and probably because Trump says he’s Canadian. He even threatened to sue Cruz over eligibility if he didn’t stop lying. Trump hasn’t filed anything other than a bankruptcy.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s the GOP. The party has tried to work against Cruz since he announced, essentially paving the way for Trump. Behind the scenes, big donors prefer Trump’s deal making to Cruz’s principles. If South Carolina is any indication, the aforementioned Rubio is now the establishment choice to get the nomination.

Even with all that, Cruz got 22% of the vote. Bush is now out of the race and Rubio’s 3-5-2 record will probably put Kasich out of the running. Ted Cruz is the insider outsider. He’s in the Senate, but is willing to fight the leadership on principle. He knows the system and the law and what he believes. Trump makes money off gambling addiction and bathing suit competitions. Rubio is the next Mitt Romney.

It’s now a 3 man race.


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