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Indifference 2016

February 20, 2016
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There’s a joke involving wordplay that goes like this:

“What’s the difference between ignorance and indifference?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Donald Trump’s supporters don’t suffer whining by other politicians and pundits with regard to the Trump campaign, but they also have a strong sense of their treatment by others. Apparently, Trump’s supporters are constantly under attack by being called stupid. I certainly believe this is the case in liberal media. I haven’t really looked at how much it happens in Republican establishment and conservative media.

Demographically, Trump maintains about 30% across the board, even as the second choice among supporters of other candidates. He actually comes close to 50% among one group, those without college degrees and those without a high school diploma. I’ve lived long enough to know that academic credentials are not indicative of intelligence, but South Carolina is also 40th in the country in high school graduation rates.

Trump supporters, however, are not ignorant. They are indifferent. I have heard so many times now the unofficial Trump campaign theme of “I don’t care” when I bring up negative talking points about Donald Trump. The other popular sentiment is “burn it down,” referring to the Republican politicians who have not blocked a budget or filibustered the White House indefinitely. Then again, Cruz has done those things individually.

Is indifference enough to win a general election? I’d say I don’t care, but I do. Trump still performs the worst against Hillary Clinton in polls. He has massive opposition among entertainment industry liberals, plus the added negative of opposition among many libertarians. The real question is how much does one not care to care about Donald Trump?


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