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The People vs. OJ Simpson

February 16, 2016
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I’m pretty much all-in with FX’s new series American Crime Story and its first 10-part story. It’s about the O.J. Simpson trial and how a guy who obviously killed his ex-wife and current boyfriend managed to buy a legal team to argue that the blood could have been anybody’s and everything else was planted by Mark Fuhrman.

I was by no means obsessed with the trial. I avoided most of the circus at the time, even though it was during my summer break. I didn’t even see the Bronco chase. The fact is that 20 years have gone by. Since then:

  • OJ Simpson made a cottage industry out of looking for the “real killer.” His book on “If I Did it” went unsold and the publishing company turned the rights to the Goldman family. They re-titled it “I Did It.”
  • The Goldman family’s successful civil lawsuit bankrupted Simpson. When his memorabilia was taken away, he decided to take it back at gunpoint. He was arrested and convicted this time, and will serve at least 9 years. If he had been found guilty  and sentenced to 25 years, he’d be out by at least 2020. He’s not eligible for parole again until 2017 on his weapons charge from 2007.
  • The Kardashian kids may have become famous due to the notoriety of their family’s connection to OJ. Kris Jenner always believed OJ was guilty.
  • Johnnie Cochran and Robert Kardashian both died young from cancer, which is statistically unlikely to say the least. Robert refused to take OJ’s call on his deathbed.
  • Race relations didn’t change one bit.

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