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February 15, 2016
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Ted Cruz stands alone.

Ted Cruz was one of the few Tea Party Senators elected in 2012. Right away, he fought the Obama administration and the willingness of Republicans in the Senate to capitulate to their demands. The most prominent example was his part in blocking passage of a budget. That set him apart from the club.

I was a Scott Walker fan at the beginning of the 2016 contest because he took action against Democrats. Not being executives, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul could only get so far. Once again, Ted Cruz is alone among the Republican warriors.

So far, Cruz pulled off a victory in Iowa and third place in New Hampshire with little establishment money and no personal fortune of his own. He’s done it using what I call Moneyball, from the movie about the Oakland A’s winning streak based on using statistics to get the most value for limited money.

The Cruz campaign is using a strong ground game coupled with data about voters to target them down to the household. One thing that bothered me about the Romney campaign was that they paid for the same analysis, but barely used it. The Democrats most certainly did.

South Carolina should be an interesting test as to how much Ted Cruz can do without free media and hundreds of millions of dollars in big donations. In the end, it has to be about more than moneyball. The Oakland A’s ultimately couldn’t make it to the Championship with their statistics.


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