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February 14, 2016

The pattern in Supreme Court nominations is that Justices usually wait until a sympathetic president takes office for them to retire or possibly die. The average number of appointments a president gets has been one per term over the last few decades. The worst-case scenario is when a Justice dies unexpectedly during the term of a president who does not share their philosophy. Today, that happened when Constitutionalist Antonin Scalia died suddenly.

Barack Obama is in the last few months of his lame duck presidency. The next session won’t begin until October, but current cases are being decided. It’s not unreasonable for the next appointment to wait until the next presidential term. Then again, when has Barack Obama not been unreasonable. Sadly, if there’s another Senate showdown we know how those end.

At least Trump is toast. Donald Trump went so nuclear on Jeb tonight that he blamed George W. Bush for 9/11. That quote is going in every primary campaign ad possible. It might be the first time Jeb campaign money is spent wisely. Republicans were beaten nearly to death over the War in Iraq, WMDs and 9/11. I even mentioned this the other night. The Republican Congress was decimated by this. For a ersatz Republican to bring it up in a stupid pissing match is too far. It doesn’t matter if there’s a brokered convention or an outright revolt. Trump will have to go full Perot and run Third Party if he wants to be a candidate in the general election.


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