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I Stand With Cruz… Sort Of | January 31, 2016

Long-suffering readers of this blog know that I was not a big fan of Mitt Romney and thought he would lose the 2012 election. Still, when he became Obama’s only opponent, I was all in for his victory. Of the “boring” 2012 filed, I picked the most boring of all, Scott Walker, because he was a master ninja when it came to handing the unions and Democrats their asses.

Then there’s Donald Trump. He’s rich, he’s liberal. He supported Democrats. He used the term “New York values” before Obama was even elected. By 2011, he seemed to be more interested in the Republican side of the street, offering to host a GOP debate and asking Obama for a birth certificate. Now, maybe the had an Obama conversion like some of the liberals turned Republican by the events of 9/11/01. He seems to be signing all the verses of the Tea Party song book even though no one claims to be a Tea Partier anymore.

Let’s flash forward to a yuge Trump victory. In this case, he could get 30% in Iowa and whatever delegates that equals. In New Hampshire, it’s also close to 30%. If the field thins out some more that percentage may go up to 40%. In the GOP’s infinite wisdom, the new “winner take all” process could give Trump enough delegates with only that 40%.

Here’s the problem. There are a lot of establishment types who scuttled races in 2010 because they hated the Tea Party. What if we have a candidate who wins while insulting 60% of the party? Trump is most popular among Republicans. If he can only get into the mid forties nationally, he’s toast against a single opponent. Ronald Reagan annoyed the establishment, but he was unusually popular with Democrats.

For the time being, I’d like to see Ted Cruz win Iowa or New Hampshire, or both. I want Trump to actually prove himself by facing adversity, rather than boycotting it. He’s gone from avoiding Iowa, to insulting Iowans to giving up on the state to holding big rallies in the state. He also quit the Republican Party in 2011 when no one wanted to go to his debate. Is he going to give up on America as president?


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