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NRO Says NO | January 22, 2016

The National Review is trying to blunt Trump’s advantage in the early primaries by opposing him with a united voice. The reaction was typical. Donald Trump called them a failing publication, much like every other publication or network that opposes him. National Review staff have been accused of being on the “establishment.” Supporters of Trump are making America great again by burning down the America they don’t like.

This is where politics is a lot like sports. Your team may be a bunch of losers or they may be filled with accused rapists, murderers and dog fight promoters, but you still like them. I’d probably still tout the virtues of Scott Walker if he hadn’t dropped out. So, much like the era of Obama, I’m left to wondering what the appeal of Trump is.

Fans of Trump seem to like a few disparate aspects of his campaign

  • He wants to keep out the people who don’t add to the success of Americans
  • He wants to maintain a hard line against foreign enemies.
  • He humiliates the people who oppose him
  • He can’t be stopped with words

Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) has been getting increasingly weird with his analysis of Trump as a master persuader. This is nothing new. Most elected politicians have some amount of “leadership” quality that makes people confident about him being able to do the job. I consider this an unfortunate byproduct of the popular vote. Being strong and wrong isn’t a good reason to choose someone. I’m not rooting for the bear in “The Revenant” either.

So, if you like Trump for reasons other than him being a big dog, you’re left with his platform of Hope and Change Making America Great Again. Of course, people believe his outrageous claims because of the Alpha male thing. Trump did one thing or another in business that was called impossible and therefore anything is possible. In reality, Trump touts his victories. His failures involve him unloading a business for a song right before it fails. He created the kind of pieces Mitt Romney used to pick up in his job.

This is where I am. Donald Trump is all talk to me. I am not persuaded by him. I am, however, a little worried by him. So is National Review. There is a growing coalition of people who are uncomfortable with the Trump campaign itself. Those are the people who are going to stay home if Trump is the Republican nominee. Some of them stayed home when McCain was the nominee, especially after his people cut off support of Sarah Palin. Frankly, the stakes are lower now. Even if Bernie or (gasp) Hillary wins, there’s a majority Republican Congress that wasn’t there in 2009. America is already better for that.

Then again, I’m not persuasive. It doesn’t matter what this blog says, you’ll still call me a loser.



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