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Cruz Control | January 16, 2016

People who already like Donald Trump are going to say he won the debate, even if he put in a lousy, Obama-level performance. Mitt Romney learned in 2008 (and McCain in 2004) that the second candidate in the primary season can take your lunch. This week, second place goes to Ted Cruz with Marco Rubio trailing behind.

If this is a three-man race, we have one candidate that the GOP is afraid represents the Tea Party, one candidate the GOP is trying to get to represent the Tea Party and the guy who they want for their party. At the same time, many of the big Republican donors are more libertarian, so any of the three is becoming acceptable for donations.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but Ted Cruz may have won the week. Even though Trump used 9/11 as a dodge to the New York values that made him a reliable Hillary Clinton donor and forced him to build his residence in Florida, I doubt many people outside of New York City really care about Cruz’ remark. He’ll lose the New York primary anyway. He might as well go for South Carolina.


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