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Meanwhile, in the Democratic Party… | January 12, 2016

I’m not inclined to use the word “unelectable”for a candidate because there is almost always a way to get someone elected. Look at Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton does seem hard to elect, however. People in general don’t like her and it seems that the Democrats don’t prefer her, either.

The organization MoveOn was created to urge the Republicans to “move on” from the sex scandals of Bill Clinton (which ironically obscured his financial dealings while governor of Arkansas). However, 2016 is the second Democratic primary season where they chose to endorse Clinton’s opponent. This time, near three quarters of members feel the Bern.

Bernie Sanders is now polling either just below or just above Clinton in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls ahead of their votes. Sanders has a chance of cleaning up in Iowa, where activism is power for caucuses. If he won New Hampshire as well, (a big if) he becomes the front runner.

In fact, a writer for National Review has already declared an “Operation Chaos 2016” for conservatives to financially support Sanders and keep him viable as long as possible. I don’t know that Sanders will do any worse in a general election, but his strong campaign would create chaos among Democrats. There has been an unwritten deal for the last 7 years where Clinton would support Obama’s presidency and she would get her turn in 2016. Progressives didn’t sign on to this and they are starting to express their discontent.

Sometimes it’s nice to see the other side deal with this crap.


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