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Fractured | January 9, 2016

The Republican Party is running on two separate tracks. One is made up of an establishment who thinks Reagan conservatism can’t win elections. The other is a conservative base that knows they can win elections. Now we have a businessman who seems to believe the latter, because his entire campaign is running to the right of everyone.

Donald Trump is a symptom of a Tea Party faction that is convinced that the establishment won’t let them win an election, so they have to overpower the establishment. This strategy has limited success, except for Obama, who found it especially useful in 2012. The GOP is trying to co-opt the Tea Party drive and spirit and use it to win elections. Unfortunately, they’re right.

Democrats who voted for Nader in 2000 were convinced that they got Bush elected president, which is entirely false. However, it taught them to fall in line with whatever crap (Kerry) was handed to them. Obama managed to meld the electable message of bipartisanship with the secret core of socialism that got him financial backing. Hundreds of dumb Democrats lost races in 2010 because they fell in line, too.

2012 pretty much proved that the GOP will do anything they can to weaken conservative candidates to get their RINO elected. Jeb was the prize fighter, Marco Rubio was the under card. Then Trump came along. Just to show how effective the conservative message is, Trump has spent almost no money, has only believed half the crap he’s said longer than a year and uses social engineering rather than credentials to win polls. If he was “telling it like it is” and spouting Warren Buffet statism, he wouldn’t be a factor at all.

The good news is that Cruz (or Rubio/Cruz) may be the backup plan for the GOP now. The fact that the crazy conspiracy nuts don’t like Cruz and love Trump tells me the party may be heading in the right direction. I’d just like Super Tuesday to matter for once to justify me going out to vote.


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  1. The RNC excels at shooting itself in the foot. It also excels at losing the WH. Cause and effect?

    Comment by Mary — January 10, 2016 @ 2:07 am

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