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Laid Bare | January 8, 2016

I usually don’t think much of stunts in the US like “slut walks” where groups overreact to something one person says. However, I completely understand a performance artist standing naked (NSFW) in the same square where German women were raped during New Years by refugees encouraged by Angela Merkel’s invitations to come to Germany.

The problem with Europe is that the governments can only offer the police as a protection against criminality. If the women who were attacked were armed, or even had the right to carry guns, the rapist bastards have enough self preservation instinct to be somewhere else.

The German policy of welcoming refugees and denying their potential for criminal activity and all around disrespect for Western Civilization has laid bare an official stance where Muslims are treated as victims of oppression, including perceived oppression by the citizens of Germany who don’t want an unregulated influx without the benefit of assimilation.

One advantage we have in the Untied States is there are still places where a woman can level the field with a personal firearm for protection when police are more adept at treating crime after the fact. That’s what Obama is trying to take away. Worse yet, if mental health is an excuse to take away personal protection, how long until the “hate crime” of recognizing Muslim savagery is considered grounds to disarm an American.


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  1. And if the Muslim bastard in the WH gets his way, we’re sunk.

    Comment by Mary — January 9, 2016 @ 3:37 am

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