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Jeb! | January 7, 2016

The Trump campaign is real, but it’s not as advertised. His name recognition is through the roof. He appeals to the nihilists who want to take down the two party system where both parties are the same. He’s also polling worse among actual primary voters in early GOP states than among the nation. He has a relatively low chance of beating Hillary Clinton and Trump has a habit of insulting the voters who don’t instantly warm to him.

This is what someone like Jeb Bush has to face. Jeb is a RINO, but he has the support of the Republican Party. The most conservative Republican who had good GOP credentials was probably Scott Walker and he couldn’t keep his campaign going. Conservatives and Tea Party voters have a terrible time picking a horse. Look at the 2012 campaign. Four candidates were ahead of Mitt Romney at different points for months. Romney still won the nomination.

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush are two sides of the same problem for the Republican Party. One elicits the excitement of a fickle base, the other has the support of a leadership that has become bloodless. It’s pretty much a given that Ted Cruz is already sitting at the table with a napkin and fork, waiting to eat Trump’s lunch. Trump is taking a page from the Romney playbook and beating up on fellow Republicans. He can get all the press he wants, eventually he’ll be as famous and respected as the Jersey Shore cast.

I really can’t imagine how a President Trump would listen to advice or work with a Republican Congress. However, I am willing to vote for Trump if it means a Democrat doesn’t get elected. I know Jeb Bush has a slate of ancient advisers at the ready and he knows the system. I am willing to vote for him if it means a Democrat doesn’t get elected. My fear is that neither of them can prevent a Democrat from being elected.


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  1. Jeb isn’t even a dark horse, just an old nag who also ran. I think once the msm and RNC stop lying about how disliked Trump is by voters, he can beat HRC first, simply by telling the truth–a refreshing change from the Dem’s very own Bonnie Parker, and second by dwelling on the economy and national security, both areas where she is vulnerable.

    Comment by Mary — January 8, 2016 @ 6:54 am

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