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By Opposing, End Them | January 6, 2016

I really have no idea how the “average American” views politics. There’s a lot of cynicism. There’s certainly fatalism because they hate both parties in a generic sense. Republicans held the House and Senate for just one year so far, even though they got the House back in 2011. The Democratic machine can elect a president, and they do well in Congress on those years as well.

For 7 years, Obama’s legislative victories have have led to losses in his party at election time. His campaign threatened the NRA in 2008 when they ran ads claiming he would oppose gun rights. He waited until he was safely back in the White House to express any sort of outrage over them. Gun ownership and sales have never been higher, and violence from legal gun owners has not been lower in a long time.

While the people may be getting wise to Obama’s brand of totalitarianism, it may not matter. The poison pills in the law now include Obamacare, (which also limits a student’s ability to get a loan outside the federal government) gun laws that allow and pay doctors to tell the government when they think they can take guns away from a patient. We also have an immigration system that make make a physical border meaningless.

Even if a good Republican (whatever that means) wins, they would have to make the same overreaches to fix Obama’s errors. They could repeal Obamacare (but they fear having to come up with the replacement) and rescind Executive Orders, but they may face filibusters from the Democrats. They might even try to cause shutdowns, except for the fact government money is more vital to that party.

I see no signs that America is waking up. Many Donald Trump supporters are fatalists in disguise. They just want someone to shake everyone up. That same fatalism drove some Republicans to vote for Obama in 2008 because Bush started a war. Was it worth the price?


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  1. The RepuI want the ‘t stage wannabe king gone and a president back.If crisis-boy obama doesn’t stage a coup , I may get y wish.

    Comment by Mary — January 7, 2016 @ 3:48 am

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