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The Contest Begins | January 4, 2016

Donald Trump has entered the realm of legitimate candidates by putting out his first paid aid. Interestingly enough, it is about border security toward the importation of Muslim refugees. In the meantime, Hillary is still playing to the 40% of Democrats who actually prefer her as the Democratic Party candidate by calling rape victim hecklers “rude.” Even weirder is the fact that Hillary probably won’t call on you even if you are a fawning sycophant.

The reality is setting in that there could be a Clinton – Trump contest for 2016. This is by no means certain, however. Rudy Giuliani was favored to win the GOP nomination around this time in 2008. Actually, Hillary was presumed to be the nominee that year as well for the Democrats. If actual primary voters don’t like Trump, this will be the chance for Ted Cruz to combine tough talk with legitimate political experience. You can criticize Cruz for different things, but he has no larger negatives than Trump himself.


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  1. HRC is a liar and hypocrite, i.e., a Democrat vote-whore.

    Cruz is a credible Conservative, but HRC would beat him.

    Comment by Mary — January 5, 2016 @ 12:53 am

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