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Make America Something Something | January 2, 2016

There’s yet another Reddit post (h/t Breitbart) about Social Justice Warriors. This one goes into the lack of definable goals, actual solutions, or any real data. There’s also the detailing of bullying and shaming from these progs. This made me think of Donald Trump.

Trump actually has some plans as president. You’ll find them on his website, because it’s not sexy to talk about them on TV or at rallies. However, he also avoids painting himself into a corner. He’ll never say nukes are off the table. If a reporter asks if there should be a database of Muslims, he may not make it part of the platform, but it’s also not off the table.

Trump is using the tactics of the SJW crowd against them. It’s sounds good to “make America great again” but there’s no real way to define it. Trump speaks in exaggerations and slogans. He belittles his opponents. Better yet, his message appeals to people with actual drive and ambition, not a bunch of lazy college slackers.

My beef with Trump is that he is using marketing and not policy to run this campaign. Still, it may not be worse than Republicans who run as the last line of defense against Obama and then become the last service station before a bill reaches the Oval Office. Trump may not have much of a history as a conservative, but history does not necessarily indicate future behavior.


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  1. Trump speaks in exaggerations and slogans.

    As opposed to {fill in the candidate}__________________________.

    Comment by Mary — January 3, 2016 @ 1:37 am

    • Actually, most candidates are more wonkish. Whenever they say something too outrageous, the media goes after them and they walk it back.

      Trump doesn’t walk it back. He just expands on it. According to traditional political calculus, he should be toast for doing that. Then there’s the Democrats, who flat out lie.

      Comment by 1539days — January 3, 2016 @ 2:17 am

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