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A Problem Like Malala

December 29, 2015
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Malala Yousafzai recently talked about comments about Muslims and Islam from (mostly Republican) politicians. Her take was that they were “full of hatred” and unfair to the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world by focusing on a relatively tiny number of terrorists.

Malala, who is so famous now that she goes by her first name, was shot in the head for speaking out against the Taliban in Pakistan. She survived and became a powerful advocate for the education of girls around the world. She also criticized Trump and others at the memorial for 134 Pakistani school children killed by the Taliban. This was over two years after the attack on her. Things haven’t changed much.

The terrorists are not the Legion of Doom. There isn’t a group of villains running around occupying Muslim countries. They are the either elected or the result of elections for people who want to return their countries to some sort of pristine anti-West status. It’s easy for Muslims to blame America for supporting the mujaheddin or installing the Shah in Iran for all their woes. The reality is that the alternatives were usually worse. The British and Russians may have carved up the regions involved by artificial lines, but the area is tribal and one of the few unifying elements is Islam.

Obviously, Muslims can’t blame Islam. It would be like blaming the sky. It’s all around. Even when democracy comes, the elections break down along religious and tribal lines. As Americans we have no idea where anyone’s loyalty lies in the Muslim world because the Muslims don’t either. I’m sure most Muslims want peace, but only if they get things exactly the way they want it. At this point, the only sane thing is to wash our hands of this drama. Bringing more confused and displaced Muslims to the United States forever certainly won’t do that. At least Donald Trump won’t shoot Muslims in the head, something the Taliban can’t promise.


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