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None of the Above

December 28, 2015
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Does anyone know why Hillary Clinton should be president?

Secretary of State isn’t usually a precursor. Being a Senator isn’t the usual route. Her most well-known activities are focused around the Benghazi debacle. Of course, she should run for president. Lots of people with no chance do. What’s strange is that the Democratic Party is doing all it can to keep her out of the spotlight in Saturday debates. She gives few interviews and mostly to those who either agree to rules or are so fawning that they would never cross her.

I think the only reason someone like Bernie Sanders isn’t doing better than Hillary Clinton is because of Donald Trump. While getting Republican support is now like herding cats, Democrats still have some sense that the GOP are rigging voting machines or some other conspiracy theory. That fear allows them to gravitate to Clinton, the obvious choice of the party.

As far as Donald Trump, well, Trump is Trump. In both parties, there is a contingent tired of being told who the candidate is before the election, or even the primaries. Primaries themselves are a progressive reform supposedly designed to promote democracy, but in reality just make the parties spend more to defeat internal opposition. The Republicans and Democrats could just pick someone at the convention without wasting the government’s money on primaries and caucuses. Since they don’t, voters still believe they should choose.

I think Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have a high degree of “none of the above” among their supporters. Both are older than Hillary Clinton and will have no earthly hope of running the government. Still, they represent that democracy means choosing something else.


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