Days of Change

The Worst Birthday Present

December 22, 2015

It’s your birthday, Ted Cruz. Here’s an editorial cartoon of your daughters as monkeys.

The Washington Post stepped in it again by posting, then retracting, an editorial cartoon depicting Cruz as an organ grinder with two monkeys. The artist clarified that the monkeys were his daughters whom she thought were used as “props” in Cruz’s presidential campaign. While it’s not great to bring your kids everywhere, people generally don’t like when a candidate’s family is embargoed from the public. Look at Howard Dean eventually having to bring his wife to campaign events.

Cruz is starting to benefit from the status as put-upon target of media abuse. Donald Trump struck a sour note recently when he trashed Cruz for saying he was a better candidate than Trump. That’s kind of weak case for abuse when you have terrible RINOs like Christie Todd Whitman calling Trump another Hitler.

While Trump is the “stick it to them” candidate, Cruz actually has some idea how government works. If he and Trump were the front runners, the GOP would be just as upset over either one of them.


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