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Graham Cracked

December 21, 2015
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Lindsey Graham is apparently out of the running for the 2016 Republican nomination. He has consistently polled low enough to have a permanent place at the kiddie table GOP debates where his distinctly non-libertarian views on terror have been virtually unheard.

Even before this blog, I would write about the way Republicans compound their mistakes until all hell breaks loose. In 1994, Republicans wanted a term limit of about 12 years (2 Senate or 6 House terms). By 2006, many of those Republicans were still running, bolstered by a ready supply of K Street cash. They lost the mission.

Republicans had nothing left to lose by 2009 with a minority in both houses and an impending loss of even the power to filibuster. The tactics used by Mitch McConnell to block Democrats were impressive. The GOP welcomed the Tea Party but wanted support on their terms.

This is why Donald Trump is blowing away the other candidates. He has affirmed all the pledges that he will not go third party, but he remains a Republican candidate on his terms. The constant undermining of the Tea Party, the abandonment of Sarah Palin and deals with Obama with the apparent purpose of keeping the GOP in power have ruined the faith Republicans and conservatives had in their party.

Lindsey Graham is a terrible candidate and a RINO, but he is only polling a few points behind political legacy Jeb Bush. In 2012, the establishment won the nomination and lost the White House. Let’s try something else.


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