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A Perfect Example

December 18, 2015
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The Clinton campaign is upset that a server with their confidential information was hacked.

Seriously, the campaign for Hillary Clinton, a woman who was Secretary of State used a rogue server that could and likely was hacked, is not upset because data was not secured.

The jist of it is that someone in the Bernie Sanders campaign, a collection of hippies and college pukes, somehow defeated a shared mailing list on a DNC server to get Clinton campaign information. Given that many Hillary supporters are no longer supporters since 2008, I’m not exactly sure what the point of doing that would be. Regardless, the Sanders campaign fired the alleged culprit.

However, the Democrats, who don’t really wants Sanders messing up the foregone conclusion of a Hillary Clinton nomination, are using this as a way to deny access to Sanders and his campaign’s own donor information. That’s funny enough. Still, the point is that Clinton’s surrogates are complaining that a server vulnerable to hacking was hacked.



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