Days of Change

A Matter of Perspective

December 17, 2015
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I’m not sure if Paul Ryan decided he was done with presidential races when he accepted the job of Speaker of the House. He’s already been labeled a RINO and a sellout over a budget that keeps the government running but doesn’t do much to stop the reign of Obama.

I don’t know if I blame Ryan. More than 3 years ago, Paul Ryan ran as the Vice Presidential candidate to Mitt Romney. While Romney was not exactly an opponent of Obamacare, he was spot on about foreign policy (not to mention Benghazi) and had business acumen that rivals Donald Trump. More than 47% of voters didn’t want a Republican take on less deficit and better opportunity.

Among other whining elitist stories, the New Republic laments the tax breaks in the last-minute budget going through the House. Eventually, they praise the fact that Obama has done so much damage that Republicans can’t undo it. I think that’s accurate. With a majority in the Senate that isn’t even filibuster-proof, the Republicans have little recourse other than sitting on their hands and not passing anything.

Ted Cruz may be a conservative rock star for trying to stop budgets, but doing it as one man in a large legislature doesn’t have much of an impact. We (and Obama) have already learned that the current GOP lineup will not stay strong or united on a shutdown, so having one is about as effective as the 1,000 times they passed an Obamacare repeal that would never go anywhere.

We’re very much where we were in the spring of 2009. If we want the Republicans to change tactics, (the Democrats are a lost cause) the House and Senate members have to change. Otherwise, we’ll have a president Trump brought up on Impeachment charges on his Inauguration night.



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