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Another Buried Debate | December 16, 2015

Trump (and Cruz, and Carson…) supporters are not happy about what the RNC has done to game the primary system. They added more “winner take all” primaries (good for Trump) but also reduced the number of approved debates before and during the primaries. It is truly chump change compared to what the Democrats do.

In 2008, Barack Obama won the nomination because of super delegates. They could decide early (and some switched from Hillary to Obama) and make their preference known without being bound by a primary or caucus. They essentially became surrogates.

This year, Hillary Clinton may get her turn. I suspect that some on the party think Obama has too much loser stink on him and getting another Democrat in succession won’t be possible. Clinton has some pretty weak competition. Bernie Sanders is the closest thing to a Donald Trump in that race and he’s still trailing Hillary in most polls.

There will be another Democratic debate Saturday. Yep, a weekend debate. A later debate will take place opposite a playoff game or something. Just in case too many people may feel the Bern, the DNC is making sure that only the most dedicated wonks will bother to look for the debate, who are also some of the least persuadable.

I know when it’s on and I won’t even be watching.


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  1. I won’t even be watching.
    Ditto. If a Dem is elected, it will be by fraud.

    Comment by Mary — December 17, 2015 @ 12:23 am

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