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Trump Got Game

December 14, 2015

I should explain that while I don’t like Donald Trump, I reserve the right to fully support him as the Republican nominee. It’s too important not to. I spent a long time warning that Mitt Romney had major problems as a nominee in 2011 and 2012. Still, once he had the nomination, I was hopeful that Romney’s campaign experience coupled with Obama’s overall incompetence would produce a Republican victory.

Over 6 years ago, I wrote about Barack Obama being a favorite of the strange lonely men of the pick-up artist community. How he said things was more important than what he said. Contrast that with Sarah Palin, who they didn’t like because she was too interested in telling the truth instead of manipulating people.

So, I decided to return to The Game because it is the way that best explains the power of Donald J. Trump. So, imagine if you combine the fierce intelligence and love of country of Sarah Palin with the skills of a natural Alpha Male. You’d have Trump. Some people are drawn to his ability to command an interview, an audience or a debate. Others are hungry for his populist message missing from every other candidate. When people like your message and you have no game, you end up being Bernie Sanders.

In The Game, the pinnacle of the naturally charismatic Alpha Male was Tom Cruise (gay rumors notwithstanding). In reality, Trump would be that guy. Not only has he made billions from his business deals, he has been connected with a number of gorgeous women for decades. He is the alpha and he lets everyone know it. Join him, and you are as great as he is. Cross him and you’re garbage.

I can’t say I’ll fall in love with his candidacy, but I can certainly fall in line.


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