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Equality of Outcome

December 12, 2015
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News this week that female soldiers will be allowed to qualify for all combat positions has been met with typical disdain by conservatives. I’m sure you might see that last sentence in a liberal blog as well, except that the disdain is completely warranted. Even though there are caveats about keeping the same “standards” for both sexes, reality has proven that this is never the case.

One of the easiest ways to keep an unwelcome group out is to make sure no one qualifies for inclusion. Liberals, being cynical humanists, believe that the people they don’t like will always do the wrong thing and create ways to not allow the outcome they don’t want. No matter how unqualified candidates are, progressives create rules that compromise the standards to get the desired outcome.

Let’s look at another measure of gender-based equality. Title IX held out the carrot of government subsidies for colleges to enforce gender results in college sports. While they cannot regulate, nearly every college would be unable to operate if the feds withdrew funds. Even though the rules dictate equal opportunity for athletics, any lawsuit involves numbers of students vs. number of athletes. The outcome is that female athletes are coddled and offered any number of sport programs to keep their percentages equal to male athletes. Football programs for men are unaffected, but other sports with men have been decimated, lest overall participation not meet equality of outcome.

In almost every physically demanding profession, (fire fighters, police) standards for female entrants are numerically less demanding (carrying weight, running speed and time) so that there is at least some representation among the ranks. If the outcomes are too low for females in the military, the same thing will happen.



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