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Free Radicals

December 10, 2015
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Terrorists who strike the US are being labeled “radicalized” by the media to explain their evil actions. Often what is extreme among Muslims around the world and in the US is different from the average American, Christian or not. This attack, however, happens to fall shortly after a rare murder in an abortion clinic. The media is trying to claim this shooter was radicalized as well.

Radicalization is supposedly some process where an otherwise good citizen is essentially brainwashed to betray everything that society stands for. The original narrative on the San Bernardino shooting was that a man went overseas to find a wife and ran into some radicalization machine that turned him into a killer. This is not the case, as his opinions were in place long before he arranged a marriage.

This is important because the other possibility is that he became a terrorists from the usual teachings of Islam, people in his mosque and other Muslims that he knew who knew some unsavory jihadists. If there was six degrees of separation, it looks like most of them were in the United States and all of them were Muslim.

On the other hand, the Colorado killer is somehow the result of a large collection of pro-life groups, conservative writers and Republican politicians who brought up the Planned Parenthood videos. Much like the ACORN videos, once the left loses the media fight, they attack the messenger, make some minor changes, wait for the story to cool down and then rewrite history once most people have forgotten the fine details.

When the left doesn’t like a group, their opinions are wrong, dangerous, and will result in murder bots. On the other hand, if a Muslim commits murder in the name of Islam, they somehow have a worse grasp of the religion than some White guy who read a New York Times summary of the Koran.

The main difference between these killers is that one is a lone nut, the other had allies, money and an overseas connection. Whom should we worry about more?


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