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Outrageous Outrage

December 8, 2015
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One of the more notable aspects of the Donald Trump campaign is that he started early and has no problems with funding. The assumption is that since he’s a billionaire, he’s footing the bill. The reality is that people contribute to him, even without $30,000 a plate Hollywood fundraisers or a direct line to Sheldon Adelson. Plus, he can go on nearly any show he wants at any time because he brings ratings to every boring public affairs show he visits.

Trump’s media dominance has to do with the fact that he doesn’t have donors to which he must answer. Talking about deporting illegal immigrants who already established themselves is not popular with either political party. This week, he suggested that Muslims be prohibited from entering the US until the Congress passes laws that would ensure that immigrants from Muslim countries were not inclined to attack the US. Even more interesting, is that this may be the law already.

I think there are two reactions to things that Trump says outside of the GOP mainstream. There are the GOP mainstream who want him to shut up even if they don’t totally disagree with him. Then there are the leftists who want him to keep talking, but shame him anyway because they know they are actually shaming the Republican Party by proxy.

I think that Trump is sucking up all the oxygen because he’s the lone voice for the people who have been ignored by both parties. They don’t like the cognitive dissonance coming from parties that claim to work for Americans but seem to put all their efforts into helping the wealthy, the special interest groups, foreign governments and law-avoiding non-citizens. They see Obama praise Islam on a regular basis and when they point it out, they are accused of thinking Obama put a mosque in the White House.

Something I realized today however, is that there is another side of the coin. While Trump supporters believe there is something wrong with this country because of ineffective government, there are liberals who think there is something wrong with America because government is not doing more for them. The majority of college students who¬†follow calls for “safe spaces” and the removal of questionable historical figures from campus probably believe that they are the first to notice that people in the past did things that are unacceptable in the present. A Trump supporter believes that the past is being destroyed by an ignorant present. One group is looking forward, one is looking back.

This is probably why I’ve started to really hate politics.


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