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The War on Christmas Parties

December 6, 2015
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Progressives have the ability to be like the Hydra (or maybe Cthulhu is more appropriate) with many tentacles when they make arguments. You have the Daily News that writes crazy crap just to get a rise out of everyone. There’s the New York Times who waited 96 years to print another front page editorial about gun grabbing. Obama went on the air and tried to use the war on terror against his enemies by suggesting the Stalinist “no-fly” list be used to keep people from guns.

Much like global warming, the “let’s have a discussion” phase is over. Gun control is the only answer to them and the lack of capitulation gives them enough moral authority to impugn the religious faith (of frankly everyone but Muslims) and claim that only government can stop gun violence. No government can end gun violence. The ones who reduce it somewhat tend to make the people in those countries less safe against Muslims with knives and an attitude or big people with a temper.

Conservatives are in a tough position because there are fewer of them in the media. If you address these idiots sarcastically, you are taken as not serious in all things because Media Matters will rehash others’ smart remarks until the end of time. If you are moderate in your tone, you have now been deemed impotent and siding with some “gun lobby” that supports a device that does more good than evil, but it never portrayed that way.

I choose sarcasm anyway, because life is too short to be shamed for your jokes. First of all, this attack is part of the War on Christmas. Not only major retailers, but all of Islam is against Santa.

Second, water boarding should be ended. Since it is already considered torture, there are a lot more effective methods. For example, movies and TV shows indicate that putting a man’s head in a vice and turning the screw seems to get just about anything you need out of them. The information would have to be verified, as they might just blab so they can be put out of their misery. I suggest squeezing the rest of the Gitmo detainees until they pop. Then Obama can get his closure.

Finally, we need to end the war on Islam. First, we nuke Mecca so that everyone who goes there dies a horrible radioactive death from now on. Also, we should free refugees and turn them into low-wage labor. Then we can really compete with China.


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