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Gun Freedom Zone

December 5, 2015
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Fox News’ bad boy Greg Gutfeld made an important point about the terrorist attack on San Bernardino this week. While the killers had guns, guns were not the reason for the attack. Recent Islamic violence has taken many forms, using low-tech means like knives up to more damaging things like bombs. Guns are literally just one weapon in the terrorist arsenal.

One of the baseless arguments from gun grabbers is that gun density equals gun violence. If everyone can carry guns everywhere, someone will go off fully cocked and shoot someone over a minor dispute. This is not the case, as concealed and open carry freedoms correlate directly to a lack of gun related attacks. Gun violence in America is more related to population density, which correlates directly with the amount of Democrats in control of local governments.

Ironically, the crazy Muslims who carried out the attack might have turned to guns due to ease of use. The were building multiple pipe bombs, which are prone to failure, can’t be quality controlled, are hard to place covertly and have to be triggered by timers or remote controls. It’s possible these idiots were planning a more coordinated attack but got pissed off because a guy at a Christmas party made fun of a beard. Ironically, the easy access to guns made them forget about the crude bombs and saved the bloodshed of planned destruction.

The Aurora theater shooter had the same thing happen. He set up an elaborate series of chemical bombs and trip wires in his apartment, then turned up the stereo in the hopes that a neighbor would get blown up, the police would come and he could get away after the shooting. Instead, the only people who were killed were the ones who struck with bullets.

Guns are more efficient weapons, but the people who use them are rarely efficient killers. The largest spree murders are in places where there are unarmed fish in a barrel. The fatality rate of a mass shooting is something like 80% lower when someone with a gun, other than law enforcement, can get to the attack before the police. Taking guns out of the picture often makes murders more gruesome.


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