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Muslim is Not a Motive

December 4, 2015
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Despite the “domestic terrorist” crap the Clinton administration tried to peddle in the 1990’s, the incredible majority of murders by citizens (without ties to Muslim countries) are for personal reasons. Even douche bag radicals like William Ayers wanted to blow people up because it impressed the girls he was trying to get with in the 60’s.

Assimilation is a process with no particular end date. You come to this country, you live and work here and eventually you have a similar frame of reference to everyone else. Some groups (let’s say the Amish) choose to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, but they often lose touch with their home countries anyway.

In the last generation or two, communication has improved to the point that someone who moves across the globe can still be able to talk to people back home, afford to go back occasionally and now keep active on social media. The barriers that assimilated people from the old country quickly aren’t there anymore.

For years, we had that situation with Mexico. The land bridge that is our border made it possible to come to the US without anything other than a motor vehicle. Sending money back was relatively painless and “migrant” work didn’t make it necessary to put down roots. I could tell you who is an illegal immigrant from Mexico with a high degree of certainty with a simple English comprehension test.

What Europe has experienced and we are starting to get a taste of is the influx of Muslims from other countries. Due to years of Europeans redrawing borders, the country of origin is almost meaningless. Just look at all the explanations about the difference between Arab and Persian that mostly have to deal with tribal distinctions.

Being Muslim does not make one a terrorist. It’s not a motive. However, Islam is a motive. Poll after poll has shown that the majority of Muslims, even ones in America, believe in acts that are illegal and immoral in America. Because of the political powder keg in the Muslim world, the chances of a Muslim living in America increases as their connection to foreign countries increases. This is not racism, it is lack of assimilation. A foreign body can sometimes reject the host.


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