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Praying to Government

December 3, 2015

Some of the more loudmouthed leftists used the San Bernardino shooting to attack conservatives who suggested we pray for the victims and their families. Some were just nasty Atheists who constantly prove what happens to a person who doesn’t have faith. Most were pushing a political message that God can’t help and gun grabbing can.

I’m tired of the term “gun control” because we have gun control in this country. People can own some types of guns, but not others. There are numerous restrictions on who can buy or own a gun and how it can be sold to or by them. The gun grabbing crowd is furious that there seems to be no way to beat the NRA’s strategy of maintaining the right of people to own guns. The only thing that makes them angrier is asking them to explain how any of their solutions would stop shootings that have occurred.

Socialists and Communists are generally people who think that a culture of redistribution will somehow end human misery. As bad as those systems are, the worst is the source of this thinking, progressivism. Progressives believe in the application of rules instead of rights will further the progress of the human race. It’s a lot like the Judeo-Christian belief that everyone is fallible, except that progressives want to take away the choices that could make someone do the wrong thing rather than let them practice wisdom and self-control.

Government “works” by doing something, doing ti wrong or not knowing the consequences. Then they have to do it over, or fix it or do something else entirely. The government can always do something about gun control. Doing something is a favorite of progressives. The problem is that doing something right is not very likely.

On the other hand, God does everything right. If He has a plan, every step of it should be correct. If God does something, it’s probably not very often because the overall plan is working.

The Left isn’t afraid of guns. They’re afraid of the will of the people. Gun ownership represents a battle where they lost the war. Democrats tried to make guns illegal in stages and found they went a little too far. After politicians lost their seats, no one in government was interested in trying to take guns. The power to stand up against social engineering is the end of progressivism.


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