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December 1, 2015
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The strange Global Warming Summit continues in France. One of the best things I heard about it is that Obama seems more engaged and excited by this than actual problems like the economy and terrorism. There’s a reason why. Just about everyone in the Global Warming cabal knows that whatever they do won’t change the “climate” one way or the other.

Global Warming is the perfect MacGuffin for progressives. Every year we are only a generation away from global catastrophe, what we do is never enough and every solution can be crafted to match some social engineering goal.

While the climate isn’t affected, the rest of the world unfortunately is. We ignore terrorism by claiming that is it a political problem caused by the scarcity of resources global warming created. The scientists and corporations go along with this crap because it means money for them. The science is only settled because the balance of the grant funding has been settled.

The only good news is that politicians can’t make the climate worse because they have no effect on it. The bad news is that they can make life worse for the people living on the planet.


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