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Warning Trigger | November 30, 2015

Killing anyone in the name of protecting life is a morally contradictory and politically pointless act. The practice of abortion often gathers sympathy and supporters of the procedure become more stalwart. In New York state, the government is actually spending more money to place armed police at Planned Parenthood clinics, something they won’t do for the schools.

Everyone seems to be looking at “trigger warnings” as a combination of politically correct speech from the 1990’s and the barring of words or actions that exacerbate the PTSD of people who suffered trauma. I think the concern over triggers by young leftists is much more interesting.

There is some evidence that the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility was related to the videos released months ago of medical personnel trying to get the most expensive parts of fetal organs out of aborted babies for the purpose of gathering more donations from the companies they supply at a supposed flat rate. The flat rate is gone, but the donations probably continue. There is more than one supplier of tissue.

That practice helps to legitimize abortion, which is why other administrations were careful not to open the floodgates on harvesting the results of a legal but gruesome practice. Abortion providers are often called “baby killers.” Soldiers were also called that by people who were on the opposite political end of the spectrum, even though abortionists are more accurately the ones who kill only babies.

Shootings are a gift to the left. It allows their grand unification theory of ungood thought. Because of the First Amendment, people are allowed to call abortion doctors baby killers. However, that tends to remind people that abortion isn’t about a woman trying to make something of her life, but a way to drastically remove the result of a bad life choice. Despite the outliers, most abortions are performed because of the impact on lifestyle and income.

The one way to ban free speech is to equate it with the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” exception. It doesn’t matter how much aborted babies suffer or are mutilated to extract organs, the truth is so powerful that it becomes dangerous. If the truth is a virus, too many on the left want government to be the vaccine.

This is the truth behind trigger warnings, safe spaces and cultural sensitivity. While there is a wall of words creating a media narrative, just a little bit of the opposing view can get through, just like a virus. Even worse for the leftists and socialists and statists, the older and wiser you get, the less interested you are in tearing everything down and letting some young politician tell everyone what to do.

The trigger warnings aren’t about respecting others or making them feel included. It is about those very protesters who see their “conservative uncles” and other real people who either never fell for their crap or grew out of it. They are trying desperately to keep the truth out because they think they will eventually change their minds given enough exposure to “dangerous” messages.


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