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November 28, 2015

I was going to write some more about Donald Trump and his talk radio message packaged for a candidate¬†who doesn’t need a Republican donor. Instead, I came upon some old posts about the Donald Trump debate. Remember that? I sure didn’t.

Almost 4 years ago, Donald Trump tried to host a Republican debate in Iowa shown on broadcast network ION and hosted by conservative media outlet Newsmax. The participant list dwindled to Rick Santorum (desperate) and Newt Gingrich (that month’s front runner) by early December of 2011. By mid-December, Trump had decided against moderating, claiming that he was considering a third-party run. That was when he dropped his Republican registration as well.

I understand that Trump seems refreshing because he says the outrageous things that get donations cut off for other candidates. At the same time, he has to pull this off for another 11 months while he’s only been at it for about 5 so far. The first primary he loses is going to be brutal. He already badmouthed Iowa when Ben Carson managed to get ahead of him in the polls.

Much like the debate that didn’t go his way, if Trump has even a few setbacks in the primaries, expect him to badmouth the process and go third party. Or maybe he’ll go away. In either case, he’ll probably hand the election to Hillary Clinton, which he will also blame on the people who didn’t kiss his ass. Who knows? Maybe he’ll run away with the nomination and the election. Then he can just nuke the people who don’t agree with him.


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