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Exterior Illumination

November 27, 2015

This is the first time I have personally put up Christmas lights by Thanksgiving and placed them along the roof line. That involved the borrowing of a ladder and a metal hook now attached to the roof. I think I’m somewhere in the ballpark of 700 LED and filament lights, 2 extension cords and one hefty timer when the wreath goes up this weekend.

Ultimately, I can thank my slight amount of preparation and a massive amount of luck that has kept the weather temperate for much longer than my part of the country usually gets. We actually had Fall this year!

In fact, I may get all the storm windows up in 60 degree weather rather than the 20 degrees and slight icing I end up with for those last couple that don’t stay up all year. Plus, I have my car back from the shop. Yet the Yuletide season commence.


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