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The Anti-Bush

November 22, 2015

For decades, Israel has had to deal with attacks from Muslims at a military level and from bombings, both live and remote. As a result, their country has a strong security stance, while at the same time, allowing Muslims into the country every day to work.

Europe has seen a steady “browning” of their population as non-European immigrants outgrow the dwindling resident population. Even so, attacks were not something to be concerned about until the last decade or so.

America has had a more scattered history with home-grown terror. The Clinton administration made great efforts to convince the public that the first World Trade Center attack was amateur (in reality, it was very close to completing its goal) or that some poor security guard set off a pipe bomb at the Olympics in 1996.

Bush brought America front and center with the War on Terror. Being a protracted fight, there were some wins and some losses. It turned out that people wanted a quick victory that maintained the dignity of the Muslims fighting us. That’s how we got Obama.

Now that we’re in a world where nearly every country faces the reality of terrorist attacks, we have a president who refuses to let the terrorists win a moral victory by letting them win actual victories. Blow up a few Muslims, read everyone’s e-mail (especially journalists) and we can catch all the really important terror plots. If we do get attacked, the first thing this White House will do is blame Edward Snowden.

Obama really is the anti-Bush. If America learned one thing over these 8 years, I hope it’s that Obama is not Bush.


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