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Rational Actors

November 18, 2015
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It seems like every time we talk about taking military action against whatever a group of murderous Muslims wants to call themselves this week, someone brings up this recruiting tool argument.

We’ve all heard it ad nauseum. When the US, the West, or any collection of human beings kills a Muslim, guilty or not, a whole bunch of terrorist recruiters use that brand new video to get otherwise rational young Muslim men to go blow themselves up for Allah. The unsaid conclusion is that we should never seek justice since just completely giving up would turn terrorists into quitters like us.

This assumes a lot of things that are wholly inaccurate. Mainly, we can’t believe that we are talking about rational actors here. People who commit suicide by bomb or airplane or attack civilians lack the basic empathy that makes human beings a noble race. It does not make them inhuman, but it makes themĀ irrational. The knowledge that you have enemies does not make you irrational.

Like so many totalitarian societies, the Islamic state (pick one) uses psychological techniques and what could be called brainwashing to control the masses. To paraphrase Lincoln, you can’t turn all of the people into suicide bombers all of the time, but you can turn some of them some of the time. When a wedding or whatever other event gets bombed by accident, it is more of a public relations tool (often used by Western Leftists) rather than a recruitment tool.

There are already Muslim clerics who claim that most of Europe belongs to them and merely living on that land puts the residents in danger. Even if you don’t like Ronald Reagan, he’s right that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. Like Obama or Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s brain, they want their way and there are no acceptable negotiations. We need to do the same. It’s only rational.


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